TVPOA antenna restrictions

David Andrews



I’m addressing this email to you, and sending it via the TLARC mailing list so everyone else receives this information as well. At last nights meeting, you updated the club on the recent activities of the Architectural Control Committee (ACC) regarding updates the rules on antenna placements within Tellico Village. Previously, the club officers had been notified of the possible changes, but last night was the first many others had heard of this. Hoping that there were no actions taken at today’s meeting, I’m providing you with my thoughts. A family emergency prevented me from sending this earlier.


{From the ARRL website} The FCC's PRB-1 document, an 11 page Amateur Radio Memorandum Opinion and Order, was released September 19, 1985. Even though it is from 1985, it is still valid today. The legal cite is 101 FCC 2d 952 (1985) and it can be found on the FCC Web page. It can also be found on this page in HTMLPDF or ASCII formats. The FCC also clarified the FCC's PRB-1 Order on November 19, 1999. This Rulemaking has not been finalized and may be subject to appeal. The FCC maintains it the most current information in its Release section.


The 11 page document has been codified at Section 97.15(b). This is a short summary of the 11 page PRB-1. PRB-1 states that local governments must reasonably accommodate amateur operations, but they may still zone for height, safety and aesthetics concerns.


As stated earlier, it is important to note that PRB-1 does not cover covenants although there is a brief mention of covenants in the 1999 PRB-1 clarification. Unfortunately, the FCC has not yet provided an outright preemption of covenants for amateurs.


A review of this document presents a clear understanding of the issues and legal basis for action going forward. You can download the document at


All amateur radio operators should familiarize themselves with this document.



David Andrews, N1ESK




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