Re: TLARC Field Day Sign-Up Sheet

Jim Jenkins

Sorry Brad, will not be there for field day as we are in NH for the summer.

All the Best,

Jim J.



From: <> On Behalf Of Brad (the Voice of the Village) Berger
Sent: Monday, May 20, 2019 12:06 PM
Subject: [TLARC] TLARC Field Day Sign-Up Sheet


Hello TLARC Friends of Field Day,


At the May meeting I started a spreadsheet indicating all of the items required to make this year's Field Day a humdinger. There are many items that still need to be signed up for and I'm counting on you to pick one or two to commit to bringing. Remember, Only YOU can Prevent Hungry Hams!


Just send me your name along with item(s) you can bring and I'll add your name to the list. Of course this list isn't cast in stone so if you think of an item you'd like to bring that isn't on here, just let me know and it'll get added. (Note: We have enough ammunition and explosives already).


First come, First serve!


Brad Berger (aka Voice of the Village)

(865) 657-3456



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