Re: LB Cebik - Top Five Backyard Antennas

Jim Jenkins

I’ve attached an article on the FD4(FD3) Windom Antenna . on the last page under “FD4 CLONES”  is picture of a 6 band “Buckmaster” antenna. The 6 band buckmaster covers all the hf bands from 7mhz up there is also a 7 band and a 8 band version starting at 80M and 160M and up . the 7band version is 45ft on the short end and 90ft on the long end. The 8band version is 90ft and 180ft. They work well at about 20ft off the ground for the feed point and steadily improve up to 60 feet. The wire ends only need to be about 10ft off the ground so the guy mowing the lawn doesn’t run into them. The Buckmaster is the best wire antenna I’ve ever heard of and I have had several of them.

The best vertical antenna I’ve used is the GAP TITAN which covers all hf bands from 80M up. It was originally designed to mount on a ships mast arm and requires no wires buried in the ground below it.





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Here's the paper I mentioned on this evening's ZOOM meeting.

73, Jim - K0RGI

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