Re: Need recommendations for local "shops" to purchase basic ham radio supplies ...

Jim Jenkins

I have found that other than hamfests the best way to get Ham stuff is on line either with Amazon, DX Engineering, or HRO. I was amazed to find that Amazon not only gave good delivery but you can even buy ICOM transceivers and others at prices like HRO’s or better with delivery included. Amazon usually uses suppliers who ship directly to you. HRO ships from whichever of their stores have your purchase in stock. The only danger I’ve found with Amazon & HRO is with pl-259 connectors. You need to make sure you order amphenol connectors or you get the made-in-china poor performing connectors.


Jim – AA1J


From: <> On Behalf Of Ben Poff
Sent: Saturday, May 9, 2020 12:46 PM
Subject: [TLARC] Need recommendations for local "shops" to purchase basic ham radio supplies ...


Hey everybody! Hope y'all are having a great day on this sunny Saturday. Suddenly finding myself in need of a local source of "bench supplies" (not sure what else to call them). I've used some of the online sources (ie., DX Engineering, GigaParts, etc.), but I'm figuring that there has to be some place locally in the greater Knoxville area where folks can purchase basic stuff ... coax cable, various adapters, plugs, soldering supplies, etc.

My first thought was find the closest Radio Shack ... are they even around anymore? I am aware of a "hobby" shop up in Turkey Creek, but I haven't been in there in ages so I can't remember if they had any ham stuff. 

So, after the chuckling over the new guy's question subsides, and you can type ... I would be most appreciative for your knowledge download.

Ben - KN4VIF

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