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Yes thanks again George for starting up the web site and all of the efforts in making it look professional.  I go there to look at past events and also for every upcoming net (so I remember whom is running and logging!)


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George, thank you so much for your efforts in creating a fantastic website for TLARC. It is the best site of any of the local clubs by far and my go-to spot for all things TLARC. Clearly a labor of love, you helped elevate this club with a single location for all TLARC materials including happenings, solar activity, club events, photos, net schedules, the list goes on. I stand and tip my hat to you for your work.


Many thanks, David N1ESK


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Hey all,
The baton has officially been passed ... The TLARC website is now fully in the very capable hands of Jeff N4POD.  I personally wish to thank Jeff and the management team for offloading this from my shoulders.  I think we'll be seeing a fresh new era of website capabilities and usefulness to us all!

TIP:  If you cannot access the homepage (, just clear your browser's cache and try again.  // We switched the server "location" and while most browsers update seamlessly, yours may need this action.

73, George N2APB
... who knew the previous webmaster

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