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George N2APB

Thank you all for your very kind comments – David, David, Randy, Mike, Chuck, Brent, et al … sincerely appreciated.  It was fun to start the first website some three years ago with the support of everyone in our thriving radio club, and then to grow the scope and depth of content with so many good photo/article/information contributions.  This is an amazing club and I’m proud to be a member in good standing.  I’m still here and will still contribute whenever possible.


It’s such a good feeling to know we have good friends here in TLARC.


73, George N2APB


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Subject: Re: [TLARC] Accessing the TLARC Website


George, thank you so much for your efforts in creating a fantastic website for TLARC. It is the best site of any of the local clubs by far and my go-to spot for all things TLARC. Clearly a labor of love, you helped elevate this club with a single location for all TLARC materials including happenings, solar activity, club events, photos, net schedules, the list goes on. I stand and tip my hat to you for your work.


Many thanks, David N1ESK


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Subject: [Special] [TLARC] Accessing the TLARC Website


Hey all,
The baton has officially been passed ... The TLARC website is now fully in the very capable hands of Jeff N4POD.  I personally wish to thank Jeff and the management team for offloading this from my shoulders.  I think we'll be seeing a fresh new era of website capabilities and usefulness to us all!

TIP:  If you cannot access the homepage (, just clear your browser's cache and try again.  // We switched the server "location" and while most browsers update seamlessly, yours may need this action.

73, George N2APB
... who knew the previous webmaster

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