RamSat photo

David Andrews

Good evening everyone,


It has been a very busy week for the RamSat team. After much effort we were able to download the first images from the spacecraft. The first (smaller) image is from Google Earth, showing the approximate view from RamSat for the second picture. The large second picture was captured using the near IR imaging camera onboard RamSat. The view is looking NW toward the south end of Lake Superior, with Mille Lacs Lake also visible as the bluish spot to the left of the big lake. With the curvature of the Earth in view, and the surface showing through with the near IR band, this is just a glorious shot!


The overhead pass occurred during the school day, so we had a large turnout of STEM students observing. Attached photo shows the students seeing their first overpass in action.


Enjoy the image,


David N1ESK




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