Re: Tech Moment #2: Loop on the Ground [LoG]


Wow George! Great information…thank you!
Also Gr8 job on the nets…..please by all means keep it up!

Mike Wagner
President Tellico Lake ARC
Monroe County ARES EC

On Nov 5, 2021, at 6:32 AM, George N2APB <n2apb@...> wrote:

Over the last couple of weeks on our TLARC Radio Net (Wed, 7pm, 442.1) I've
been making a quick mentions of technology topics that might be of interest
to others.

BACKGROUND: This week I quickly described the benefits of utilizing a
receive-only antenna on HF to improve reception while using the main antenna
for transmit. I learned of this technique from W5JAY, a friend who has used
it quite successfully on the HF bands. Based on his illuminating direction,
I purchased the ARRL book called "Receiving Antennas" and enjoyed it
immensely. But alas I thought that a large farm-like field was necessary
for such a 'beverage receive-only' antenna, and I quietly set the book aside
in my technical library.

However I recently came across a mention of a small R-O antenna detailed at
the KK5JY site. So this week I've been experimenting with his 15'-square
loop on the ground (LoG), just laying on the grass in the small-lot backyard
that I have here. Along with an easy impedance-transforming box, I was able
to plug this LoG into the back of my K3 and ... I indeed experienced an
improved SNR on my QSOs. Quite unexpected, but it works for me in a
somewhat RF-noisy neighborhood.

The KK5JY "LoG" article here ... <>

73, George N2APB

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