100 Year Anniversary

David Andrews


December 11th and 12th, 2021 will become his-
toric days in the world of amateur radio. We are about
to celebrate the centennial of the first successful tests
to verify the use of ham radio as a means of reliably ex-
changing messages with fellow amateurs on the other
side of the Atlantic Ocean. We expect this event will be
nothing short of spectacular!



 The 2021 ARRL 160 meter contest will be held from 2200 UTC Friday night December 3rd through 1559 UTC Sunday December 5th. The Radio Society of Great Britain (RSGB) will activate special event 1920s vintage callsigns during the contest to commemorate the transatlantic tests.  


 Starting December 11th through the end of the month, W1AW at the ARRL headquarters in Newington, CT will be issuing commemorative transatlantic QSL cards. On-air December 11 - 1400 UTC to December 12 0200 UTC. US stations should QSL with a SASE; international stations should QSL via the Bureau.  


 Most transmissions will be CW only. Most transmissions will be on the lower end of the 160 meter band (1800 to 1850 kHz suggested.)  



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