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Ben Poff

Looks awesome Mike! Thanks for the heads up 😎


On Sun, Dec 12, 2021 at 20:14 Mikeljay <k4mjf.1@...> wrote:
Found this neat little "gizmo" that allows you to see just how much power your radio or whatever device you have plugged into it, is drawing from your battery, or power supply.

I've looked at other websites and found these at higher prices. However, Amazon has them, minus the connectors, for $16. 

The instructions are minimal at best. There are no power connections except for the bare wires, so you have to put your own on. I put 45A Anderson Power Poles on each end. 

Works like a charm! It will allow me to keep track of how much power I have left in my battery when I am running POTA......

You can find it here....

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