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Allan Tabell

Will not work with the POA facilities.  You will need to access their LAN from the outside.  You are not going to get the password to access the LAN from the outside.  The only security cameras you can access are either those on a network under your control  or somebody ignored security completely.  Go ahead, try to access my cameras.

On 12/13/2021 10:49 AM, Tom Badgett via wrote:

The same way you can view a security camera remotely. Over the Internet. Once you have installed the device physically AND downloaded and programmed the app, you have remote access. 

On Dec 13, 2021, at 10:35, Allan Tabell <atarbell@...> wrote:


You will not be able to remotely monitor from home as I believe Brad is considering.  For example how will you get into the yauth club LAN remotely?  What ip?


On 12/13/2021 9:29 AM, Tom Badgett via wrote:
Yes.  Once you plug everything in and download the SCHULINK app you connect to WiFi and the device creates its own local network. I hadn’t tried that so I called Schumacher customer service (800-621-5485). They assured me that the device will work on a public network . . .you just need the password to log in.

My only caveat is you can only pass through the device a charge rate of 6A or less. Plenty for battery maintenance but you can’t charge a dead battery with 30A with this device in the system.

I use it with gel lead acid or other equipment batteries, but as long as you are charging at 6A or less, it should work fine.


On Dec 13, 2021, at 9:06 AM, Brad (the Voice of the Village) Berger <km4ojk@...> wrote:


Will the SchuLink work on a public WiFi network? Something tells me no. That's my only choice where my boat is kept. 


On Sun, Dec 12, 2021, 10:00 PM Tom Badgett via <> wrote:
Yes…this is a very useful device. I have used an earlier version of this for years.

Something else some folks may find useful: the Schulink…a remote battery and charging monitor. If You have a boat or a seldom-used vehicle or, in my case, a solar charged battery I use to power a WiFi repeater as part of my security system, this is useful to monitor battery condition. This device connects between your charge source and battery, then to WiFi. You can access it from anywhere to determine the rate of charge and the percent of charge of your battery.



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Found this neat little "gizmo" that allows you to see just how much power your radio or whatever device you have plugged into it, is drawing from your battery, or power supply.

I've looked at other websites and found these at higher prices. However, Amazon has them, minus the connectors, for $16. 

The instructions are minimal at best. There are no power connections except for the bare wires, so you have to put your own on. I put 45A Anderson Power Poles on each end. 

Works like a charm! It will allow me to keep track of how much power I have left in my battery when I am running POTA......

You can find it here....

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