Juan Lopez

I will be participating in the RAC Canada Winter Contest 2021 on December 18. It starts at 1900 local time on Friday night. I will be calling CQ on 2-meter and 6-meter FM. I would really appreciate a contact if you stop by and can hear my signal. All you need to provide is a signal report and serial number. Sending a 001 for a serial number is fine if I'm your first contact. But keep a sequential count of your serial number if you make contact with other contesters. You will also find me calling CQ on many of the HF bands throughout the 24-hour operating period (Friday 7 pm - Saturday 7 pm).

Here are the rules if you are interested in participating in the contest:

3 | RAC Canada Winter Contest Rules 2021 8) ** Although there is only one QRP category, which qualifies for a plaque or certificate, it is intended that the published results would show All Bands or

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