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David Andrews

A true gentleman. I worked a case with him while living in Vermont. A malicious interference case also from Florida (must be something in their water). The moron had all his gear confiscated and had charges brought against him for making death threats to our NCS operator on multiple occurrences. is a great interview with Riley from recorded just last year. It’s worth a listen.




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And I worked him with only 200mw. I was surprised to hear him come back to my CQ. He's a heck of a nice fellow (unless you're on the wrong side of the law). I helped him with a case in Florida. The perp did 4 years in the Fed Pen. If you can't do the time, don't do the crime.


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Cool!  And I never realized he was pretty local to me before retiring down to TN. 


73, George N2APB

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If you've been hamming for awhile you know who this is.




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