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Jim Jenkins

I recommend the Buckmaster 7 band antenna  3kw version for comparison. It is an off center fed dipole, 45ft on the short side and 90 ft on the long side (total length of 135ft) and has a vswr of about 1.5:1 on all hf bands from 80 through 6M except for 15M. They even sell a stealth version where the feed point is a really dark green or black and the wire is all black. The ends don’t need to be very high, 5 to 10 ft is usually fine and the feed point starts working well at 20ft or more with the higher up the better. Since only the feed point needs to be really high, only one good pulley is important. I use an EZ-hang to put up that pulley and have got it up as high as 70ft in a tree.





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My XYL and I live here in Tellico Village. I put up a great stealthy wire antenna which has worked very well on 40/20/15/10. It has good resonance on all four bands and I only need to tweak it when I run up and down an individual band. Reception good. Gain good.


We have a number of trees in the back yard and the antenna is very much at home up there, among the trees  It's a Delta Loop, about 145 feet long, with the point of the triangle at the top. I had one of the tree companies operating here in the village run up three tree trunks and install pulleys for me. The only concern is that the base of the triangle is fairly close to the ground and, therefore, has a fairly high angle of radiation. But so far, the DX still seems to be descent.


Plus, it's a great conversation starter whenever anyone comes to visit!




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“ Stealthy HF antenna’s “:  
I “second” that!





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Grounding and Bonding would be a good subject....


Also... it'd be neat if we could get Bob Heil to be at one of our meetings... he's been doing a lot of Zoom meetings of late... so we'll need to make sure we have good internet at the meeting.


I like the POTA stuff... we had a demonstration last year about that... might be good for a follow up.


Of course, FIeld Day is coming up... so that's something we probably should plan on having in the next couple of months. I am going to need some help getting this one planned out... always takes a mutli-person effort.  Do we want to do GCA or somewhere else more public?







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Howdy Ben,


How about Surge Suppression techniques (AC, antenna, phone line, etc).





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Good afternoon!


We are soliciting feedback from club members on what kind of program presentations folks would be interested in this calendar year. This club is blessed with a wide variety of members with incredible technical capabilities and interests, and the Admin team would like to be able to showcase those interests and talents, while also providing opportunities for everyone to learn something new and expand their own skill set. At this point I would consider everything as "being on the table", so don't self-censor something you might have in mind just because you think "nobody else likes this", or "this is too big or complicated". Your topic could become the Elmer Hit of the year! I've started collecting some feedback already, and so to help lube up the old brain gears I'm providing a list of things already suggested.

  • Emergency Operations/Communications
  • Portable antennas
  • POTA (Parks On The Air)
  • Training sessions on Extra Class
  • Community Emergency Response Team (CERT)
  • M.E.T.E.R.S/Hospital Net
  • Simplex Net/Operations (Emergency drills involving Simplex comms & relays)
  • QRP Ops
  • Portable power rigs (i.e., battery builds with BMS and solar power)
  • DIY and HomeBrew projects (i.e., Show and Tell, kit building, etc.)
  • Fox Hunting
  • ARES

As you can see, its a good start, but we need your input! What are we missing? Maybe there's a small piece of one of these topics that you want specific information on, so tell us what that is!


If you don't have another topic to throw on the pile, then let us know your favorites from what is listed. Remember, this is your club so tell us what you want to see and hear!


You can respond via the TLARC, or send me a note directly at piscator359@....


Thank you for your time and effort in this matter!



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