Re: Upcoming TLARC Field Nut Event


Interesting, I always thought that QRP was 5W or less regardless of mode.  There is some discussion about this variable on Wikipedia:

I'm not sure about that date offhand but so far looks good.  You may want to send a reminder the day before as well.


On 4/7/2019 3:48 AM, Jim Anderson wrote:

Good morning, TLARC!

Saturday, April 20 marks the traditional first major QRP field event of the year - QRP To The Field. Rules are available at this link:

This year's theme is "Any Ole Park" and the TLARC Field Nuts plan to activate at Lenoir City Park overlooking the Fort Loudoun Dam. No specific times but I would anticipate the afternoon hours being prime for 40 and 20 meter propagation.

This event partners with Summits On The Air so there should be a number of SOTA activations that day to provide additional contact opportunities. Not sure about low power operating? Come on out and see what can be done with a full QRP gallon - 5 watts CW or 10 watts SSB. 

We hope to see you there - it's been a wet spring so let's hope for a nice day on the 20th!

72, Jim - K0RGI 

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