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  1. YES
  2. NO
  3. Start - Midnight
  4. NO
  5. Yes
  6. Complete mobile setup with remote connection
  7. 40/20/15/10 - CW
  8. Power from vehicle battery
  9. NO
  10. Yes



From: <> On Behalf Of Ben Poff
Sent: Tuesday, May 17, 2022 20:49
Subject: [TLARC] 2022 Field Day


Hey folks! I apologize up front for what will most likely be a rather long email. Planning for Field Day has suffered some, and so in an effort to pick up the fumble and advance it in the right direction I'm sending this out with the hope that it will generate interest and ultimately some information that will be critical for the club to pull together and have a successful event. With that said, I want to lay out a few words describing how we ex[ect to move forward.


  1. Purpose - There will be a two-fold purpose for this event; TLARC will conduct Field Day as an operational readiness check on our ability to operate/communicate in an emergency situation. It will provide an educational opportunity for participants, to see and possibly operate in modes that you may not have been exposed to. This event will also be an opportunity for community outreach; the location (Lenoir City Park) is a very busy place and our operations will be visible to the public. This is an excellent opportunity to show folks what HAM radio is all about; we intend to operate a GOTA (Get On The Air) station for the express purpose of getting folks into a hands-on situation that results in interest and desire to pursue the hobby.
  2. Logistics - Much like Field Day events in the past, this event will run from Saturday into Sunday. Attendance for the entire duration is, of course, not required, but encouraged. Camping overnight is allowed, so consider if that is an option for you. I know that some members will be bringing their own rigs (radios & antennas), but we also hope to have some club resources (rigs & antennas) that can be set for operators to work in shifts (or relays). Once we have an idea of what club resources are available, then we can establish a band plan and see about setting up an operator schedule. Depending on the response(s) I get from this email, we may also consider things like having a "short" club meeting right before the start of operations, and that may or may not include some kind of "picnic". Again, if a meeting and/or picnic is something you would like to have, then by all means provide that feedback.
  3. Questions - Now we get to the part where you provide feedback. The list of questions (below) are intended to provide us with a picture of the overall club interest(s) in this event. Planning from a club perspective requires that we gage what members are expecting and what they are willing to contribute to the effort. This question list is not intended to be the "end all", but a starting point. Provide the feedback requested and we'll see where it goes from there.

2022 Field Day - Club Survey

  1. Are you planning on attending? (If YES, continue thru the question set, if NO then simply type the word NO and hit reply)
  2. Are you in for the entire duration? (YES or NO)
  3. If not the entire duration, when and for approximately how long will you be onsite?
  4. Are you interested in the club conducting a short meeting prior to commencing operations?
  5. Are interested in participating in a picnic (think of it as primarily a club potluck)?
  6. What equipment would you bring? Would your equipment be available for others to use?
  7. What bands and modes would you like to operate?
  8. Will you be providing portable power (batteries, etc.), or will you need an electrical hookup onsite?
  9. Would you be available to assist with setup on Friday evening or Saturday morning?
  10. Would you be available to assist with teardown on Sunday afternoon?

I hope this email sparks some interest and I'm looking forward to our discussion tomorrow night at the monthly meeting.




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