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Robin Monserrat

Here is our (Ralph's/Robin's) contribution to the food extravaganza

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First off, thanks for heading this up. You are doing a bang up job, your efforts are appreciated. An awesome job!

I’ve updated the food list with what the wife and I plan on bringing.

And, thanks to David, KF4DKW, he went to Gods Cozy Acres, and brought all the plates, cups, plastic utensils and such that we had left over from past Field Days. One thing for certain, we don’t need plastic cups!!!


Michael J. Foley, K4MJF


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Thanks for taking the reins on this!  You're doing a mighty fine job from where I sit.  Please see my attached sign-in update.  I've added Dianne's potato salad and a couple units of hot dog buns.  I can take care of more if needed.



Chuck N4CSF


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Howdy Folks!


I have attempted to draft a spreadsheet for everyone to use to sign up for food/picnic supplies for the Club lunch that will occur on Saturday just prior to kicking off Field Day operations. Personally, I feel that my effort on this is woefully inadequate, but it is what it is, so if someone wants to pick it up from here and run with it please feel free to do so! Otherwise I will take feedback as it trickles in and try to keep it organized so that we have what we need come the big day! 😎


I continue to receive feedback on attendance and equipment, and I greatly appreciate that. My apologies for screwing up and not including a few folks who responded and did not see their name on the spreadsheet. That is being corrected, and I will send out the latest and greatest later this weekend. If you responded with a "No" in terms of attendance and you didn't get a direct response acknowledging your reply, please know that I appreciate your communication and will try to correct those mistakes as well. If you haven't responded yet please try to do so since we are trying to determine how many people to account for lunch on Saturday.


Lots to do yet, but we're moving forward and things don't look as daunting now as they did a couple of weeks ago, so thanks for the input everyone.


Thank you for your time and effort in this matter!!!




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