TNPOTA Activation (30-31 July 2022)

Juan Lopez



Dear TLARC members:


The Tellico Lake ARC will activate 2 parks for the upcoming TNPOTA event this coming weekend.


The KN4DUA Team:

  • AC6ZM
  • KV4XY
  • WK9M
  • WW4WTF


Times: Day 1 & 2 – 1400Z until 2200Z

Bands: 6/10/15/20/40/80 meters

Modes: SSB/CW/Digital (PSK31 & RTTY)

Parks:   Day 1 – Wilson Cumberland Trail State Park (Black Mountain Trailhead) (CBT) ( K-2955)

              Day 2 – Seven Islands Birding State Park (SEI) (K-2975)


General Notes:

  1. All TLARC members are welcome to attend.
  2. We will operate rain or shine.
  3. Use the drop pins provided in the Google map links of this email to navigate to our location.
  4. Bring your own chair and drinks.
  5. You can operate one of the stations if you desire.
  6. Only the KN4DUA callsign will be used at all stations.
  7. Please contact us for a QSO from your home or mobile station to give us QSO points.
    1. The exchange is your RST + STATE; our exchange will be RST + the 3-letter abbreviation for the Park (e.g., CBT or SEI).
  8. TNPOTA Bonus station (50 -points) is W4T.
  9. Cell phone service at each site is available (Verizon works).
  10. We will be monitoring 2 meter repeaters for drive-ins 147.150 (T118.8) or 147.075 (T118.8), whichever we can hit easily.
  11. Respond to this email as a courtesy if you plan to attend. Day 2 has easier site access than Day 1.



73 de AC6ZM

Juan – Team Lead


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