Tower collapse in New Hampshire last night

David Andrews

Last night the winds in New England took down a couple towers. K1MIZ reported that this morning the big 190’ free standing red and white tower located on Plausawa Hill overlooking Concord NH collapsed. The tower itself was ripped right out of the ground. Foundation and all. This tower had AT&T cellular and First Net on it. It appears when it collapsed it missed the public safety, National Weather and some Ham Radio towers. It pulled on a 900MHZ feed line and ripped a cabinet right across the room. I would love to know what the wind speeds were at the time of collapse.


The big red and white tower with First Net and AT&T is owned by Crown Castle and when it fell it did in fact take out two other towers. 160' tower and a smaller tower that had a simulcast for Concord FD. Concord FD is on air. ATC did collapse as collateral damage. Some of the customers up there that are potential collateral damage is Capital Area FD, Unitel, and an oil company. I believe N1IMO had some equipment damaged but unsure if it is his commercial or ham gear. Short videos and image attached.


David Andrews, N1ESK

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