FW: Antenna Restrictions

David Andrews



From: Allan Tarbell <atarbell@...>
Sent: Thursday, May 16, 2019 7:34 PM
To: n1esk1@...
Subject: Antenna Restrictions




I am responding to your posting on Groups io.  I am unable to initiate or reply to groups io/tlarc so hence this conventional email.  Please share with the club via Groups.


First  PRB-1 is directed at municipal/county gov't.   Our potential issues are not with the local gov't but with the Tellico Village POA which is not a gov't entity.  Hence PRB1 does not apply to us.  Everyone in TV has accepted the covenants and restrictions of this planned community by purchasing property here. 


Given the lack of progress in US Congress on over riding this restriction in this and other similar communities through the proposed Parity Act, we have to make the best of it as we can.  Fortunately I do not believe any members/officials of the ACC or the POA are against reasonable accommodation of amateur radio antennas.  We'll know soon.


Although I briefly shared my draft language with the POA attorney today, the antenna restriction was not covered during today's formal ACC Blue Book review session which gives us more time.  It is highly likely it will be covered at the next meeting which is scheduled for June 6th.  I have attached a draft of a revised code.  Everyone please review and provide your comment.  Via Groups io  is fine as I can view postings with no problem.




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