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Bob Antion

Actually the vote was taken in Jan and is referenced in the Jan minutes.  Thanks for reading them.

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At the February meeting there was also a unanimous vote to cancel the club’s Post Office Box.


I was on vacation and missed the meeting.  I cancelled the Post Office Box on 2/28.  Our annual agreement ended on 2/29.  So, there is no refund from the cancellation.  All mail will be forwarded to my address for the next year.


Richard Meyer – W8CNY



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Hello TLARC members,  I have attached the February draft meeting minutes for your review.


Hope to see you all on this Wednesday the 15th for our regular meeting where we are having a Chili dinner.  If you are planning to attend and would like to bring something to share with the others, please let Chuck N4CSF know as he is organizing this Chili Fellowship as he called it.


Again, hope to see you all so come out and enjoy some Chili with us.



Bob Antion – ND4P

TLARC Secretary





Richard Meyer - W8CNY

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