The meeting(s) were a blast!

George N2APB

Hi all,

Sorry for missing the TLARC meeting last night.  I heard that Juan's presentation brought the house down ... way to go Juan, and three cheers for QRP field operating! 

I missed the meeting because at the very same time, I was making a very fun presentation on the PHASER KIT to the Univ of Tennessee radio club.  What a fabulous experience and a super group of hams!

Some 18 members in attendance were an interesting mix of *technology* students - EE, Chem, PhDs, professors and a sports medicine guy.   They have a very radio active club on the air with two well-appointed and capable stations, tower and STEPP-IR beam and a repeater.  Man, I wish I were back in school there! 

They were all very familiar with FT8, so the free-flowing presentation focused a lot on the technical aspects ... lots of time and discussion on the schematics, kitbuilding and the flexibility of the Phaser's clock generator and its use on all linear digital modes.  Fun talk and I used our TLARC Kit Building Workshops as an example through the night of what they might also consider.

Notes and presentation of our TLARC meeting will be posted as soon as I receive them.

73, George N2APB 


PS:  A funnyism from the UTARC meeting last night ... Almost without exception, the introduction dialog I had with each student went like this:


   Me: "Hi, I'm George N2APB."
   Them: "Hi, I'm Jim".
   Me: "Hi Jim, what's your callsign?"
   Them: "Uh, it's uh, <pause>, KN4<mumble>"
   Me: "Sorry, what's the suffix phonetically?" <I'm hard of hearing>
   Them: "uh, Whisky-Triple-Friend."

==> My Point is that we, as probably more experienced hams, proudly and readily use our callsigns to identify ourselves with fellow hams.  But as mostly new hams, this isn't quite yet the mannerism.   It was a lonnnng time ago but I still remember those days!


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