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Jim - K0RGI

David and all.

Gary makes a good point. I'm not 100% sure, but I believe that the Blue Book currently only allows one antenna. That may be in addition to an OTA and/or satellite TV antenna. I'd suggest verifying before submitting a permit application and perhaps unnecessarily raising any eyebrows with the POA. You may need to be stealthy with additional antennas and I would think something on your deck would qualify as that.

73, Jim -K0RGI 

On Mon, Feb 10, 2020, 7:38 PM David Andrews <n1esk1@...> wrote:

Yes, in order to comply with the POA rules. There is no reasonable basis to reject the application, but we’re trying t be on the up and up.


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David: If your satellite tracking system is not visible to any neighbors, do you really need a permit?  I mean, would you need a permit if you put a large screen TV on your back deck? 

Gary - K4RQT


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It sounds like your experience mirrored my own. I applied for my existing 6BTV vertical last month. I picked up an application, completed it, attached a few photos, and dropped it off. I was then sent an email with the date for the hearing, which I missed due to illness. A few days after the hearing , I was sent an approval letter. Easy-peasy.


I am planning on installing a satellite tracking system on the back deck, not visible to any neighbors. This time I’ll submit the application prior to construction, and will plan on attending the hearing. I’m not expecting any difficulties.


David, N1ESK


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Thanks, good info.


On Mon, Jan 27, 2020 at 5:12 PM Jim Anderson <kzerorgi@...> wrote:

I haven't seen anyone post about applying for the new antenna permit now available as of January 1, so I thought I'd relate my experience in case it might help anyone else thinking of doing this. As Allen mentioned at a TLARC meeting, the permit is free unless you indicate that your antenna project is valued at over $900 or it will require an inspection. Since my antenna is just wire, insulators and feed line, along with some rope and pulleys, it came in well under the $900 limit.

  • To apply for a permit, you need to complete and submit a miscellaneous permit application. The form is available on the POA website at this LINK. It's a fill-in PDF form so you can complete it on your computer and then print out the completed form if you wish. It's quite simple to prepare and probably took me less than an hour, which included constructing a diagram that I submitted with the form showing where the antenna would be located. I described the antenna in detail so that there wouldn't be any question of whether the antenna size and location meet the ACC Blue Book requirements.
  • The completed application is turned in to Holly Hooper at the POA office, who routes it for review and approval. I don't know if it's typical or not, but I had an approval back in just a couple of days.

It's nice knowing that I can be out working on the antenna and, if anyone asks what I'm doing, I can be upfront with them and indicate that I have a permit.

73, Jim - K0RGI

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