TLARC meeting this Wednesday; dinner at 5:30 at Tanasi

David Andrews



The situation with the Coronavirus and recommendations from the CDC and Governors offices continue to reinforce the need for special precautions regarding group gatherings. The Tennessee Health Department asks the community to consider carefully the implications of holding meetings or events involving large numbers of people, especially if the group is likely to include high-risk individuals. All medically fragile citizens should avoid crowds and take other actions to protect their health.

High-risk individuals are defined as adults over 60 years old or people of any age with serious chronic medical conditions such as: Heart disease, diabetes, or lung disease.


With this in mind, if you fall into the high risk category, as many of our members do, I recommend you head this advice.


We still plan on meeting at Tanasi Bar & Grill for dinner, followed by our regular monthly meeting at the Chota Rec Center.


Sam Howard KV4XY will teach us everything we need to know about WSPR. According to Wikipedia, WSPR (pronounced "whisper") stands for "Weak Signal Propagation Reporter". It is a protocol, implemented in a computer program, used for weak-signal radio communication between amateur radio operators. The protocol was designed, and a program written initially, by Joe Taylor, K1JT. Software is now open source and is developed by a small team. The program is designed for sending and receiving low-power transmissions to test propagation paths on the MF and HF bands.


Sam will also be providing dessert for the meeting. Mark your calendar for the March 18th SAMFEST. IT promises to be a good time.


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