Another successful evening

David Andrews

We held our inaugural launch of our TLARC Swap Shop Auction on Zoom this evening. If you sold or bought one or more items, you’ll receiver a separate email shortly.  If you have any items to sell, see the recent email from N2APB. Check out our website for the current listing. If you didn’t tune in to Zoom tonight, you missed an interesting evening. We’re looking to make this a monthly event, so stay tuned.


We’re looking for net control station (NCS) operators looking to get some practice operating our weekly radio nets. Please contact N1ESK directly at n1esk1@....


We had 18 check-ins on the Radio Net. This is our second highest head count. Thanks everyone for participating, David N1ESK


Net Name: TLARC Net

Net Date: 2020-05-06 19:00

NCS Station: KK6OKU

Logger: KF4DKW

Completed: 2020-05-06 19:22


KK6OKU - Michael Wagner

KF4DKW - David Weikert

WK9M - Randall Kruszka

KO4CYX - Greg Wilde

KB4VL - Roger Calendine

K1JAT - Joyce Tarbell

W4SSF - Stanley Swanson

K4MJF - Michael Foley

N1ESK - David Andrews

KV4XY - Samuel Howard

KM4OJK - Bradley Berger

K1AT - Allan Tarbell Jr

KN4LMM - David Schoenherr

KN4VIF - Benjamin Poff

N2APB - George Heron

K0RGI - Jim Anderson

KN4YAV - Jacob Lindsey

KO4DEG - Kayla Lindsey


Checkins: 18


Complete record:



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