FD Special Rule Change

Juan Lopez

As predicted: The ARRL has revised the rules for 2020 Field Day, as of yesterday.

*Basically section 4.6 has been revised to allow Class D Stations (Home Stations) to be permitted to count contacts with other Class D Stations. This is in addition to counting contacts with Class A, B, C, E & F Field Day Stations.

In addition, for 2020 Only, an aggregate club score will be published, which will be the sum of ALL individual entries indicating a specific club (TLARC).

This is an Excellent Opportunity to allow TLARC to "Shine." Every TLARC should get on the air and submit their scores and associate their entry with TLARC for the club. Let's see how many gazillion points we can put on the scoreboard.

CWops 2419

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