TLARC Net Preamble Rev IV

Mike Wagner <mike@...>


Hi All,

Please find the attached updated preamble.

Also if you have not already signed up to be a Net Control Station or Net Logger, please contact me to do so at kk6oku@... and we shall get you on the schedule . We apricate all volunteers! Go Vols!!

If you have not previously been a net controller, never fear, TLARC members are here and are eager to help. Please feel free to reach out for guidance.

The preamble makes it real easy to call a NET and logging could not be easier with our automated computer based logging program. Thanks to Cody Anderson, K4ZXT and our own David KF4DKW.

The net is scheduled on Wednesdays, weekly at 1900 hours on the 442.100 and right after don’t forget the TLARC virtual meeting on Zoom.





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