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George N2APB

Holy cow, I didn’t know something was brewing!  I’m guessing that one of the Phaser Kit owners is affiliated with CQ Magazine and he wrote a MAGNIFICENT 10-page product review of the Phaser!  Just looked at it here with my online subscription.  Unfortunately I can’t share that but can recommend CQ Mag as a great ham periodical.  Here’s the link to the site with the cover and table of contents.


Thanks all for the congrats!  TLARC was the first to build the Phasers back in November!!


George N2APB


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Our famous N2APB Master Tinkerer gets noticed by CQ magazine. Way to go George. We are proud of you!





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News and Information of Interest to Ham Radio Operators

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Christopher Brault, KD8YVJ, Named 2020 Amateur Radio Newsline Young Ham of the Year - 18-year-old from Ohio is a contesting mentor and social media director for the Youth on the Air organization


NOAA: Expect More, Stronger and Longer-Lived Tropical Storms -

Updated prediction for 2020 hurricane season calls for 19-25 named storms, what the agency calls "one of the most active seasonal forecasts that NOAA has produced in its 22-year history of hurricane outlooks."


ARRL Board Approves New HF Band Plan - Many of the proposed changes will require FCC action on a variety of already-submitted proposals, including one calling for Technician Class voice privileges on 80, 40, and 15 meters


Loss of Part of 9-Centimeter Band Now a Virtual Certainty- White House says path has been cleared for new 5G wireless band starting at 3.45 GHz


QSO Today Virtual Ham Expo a Success - Online hamfest drew 26,000 registrations and at least 14,000 people participated each day


RBN Gaining 15 New Nodes - The Reverse Beacon Network (RBN) will be adding 15 new nodes, using grants from the Yasme Foundation and Amateur Radio Digital Communications


WSPRing Waves - A new Weak Signal Propagation Reporter beacon has been deployed on board a marine buoy in the Pacific Ocean


Call Sign Changes Down Under - Australia is eliminating its 2x4 call sign format for Foundation Class licensees and allowing all hams to apply for 2x3 calls


AMSAT-DL Wants to Put a Ham Transponder on the Moon - German amateur satellite group has applied to include an amateur radio repeater on the European Space Agency's Large European Lander project


Details on these stories and more are online in the CQ Newsroom at:

 Please read the full story before making comments. Thank you!

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Will Cycle 25 Be One for the Ages?


Results: 2020 CQ WW 160-Meter Contest


"Peanut" for Amateur Radio


Build an Adjustable-Voltage Add-On for your Power Supply



CQ Reviews: Midnight Design Solutions "Phaser" Transceiver Kit

A New Contest QSL Strategy



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CQ SEPTEMBER - sneak preview

Signals from Down Under


Results: 2020 CQ WPX SSB Contest


CQ Reviews: Eton Elite 750 Receiver



The COVID-19 Spike On the Air

See Spot Run ... Across the Sun



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