Final Notice - TLARC Constitution and By-Laws final actions

David Andrews

TLARC members,


For some time now we have been working on revisions to the existing TLARC Constitution and Bylaws. These activities are about to conclude with the vote to accept at our next monthly TLARC meeting tomorrow evening, August 19th at 7:30 PM on Zoom.


At our February meeting, a motion was made to appoint a committee to review the Constitution and By-Laws and recommend changes to the membership. This action was concurrent with actions to apply to become a Tennessee Non-Profit Corporation and to apply for exempt status under section 501(c)3 of the IRS Code.


The By-Laws committee started proceedings in May, completed their work on May 28 with a unanimous vote to proceed, then submitted their proposed changes to the officers. The officers unanimously approved the changes  and the documents were then distributed to the TLARC membership via email on May 30th and again on July 14th for review. The timetable was announced in accordance with the existing By-Laws, providing for discussion in July and a vote to approve in August. The proposed changes were discussed at the July 15th monthly meeting, and with that, the vote to approve is now upon us.


Please make every effort to attend the August 19th meeting. This email satisfies the requirements specified in Article VII of the current Constitution, specifically that “An attempt must be made to notify all members in good standing of the proposal to amend the Constitution and/or By-Laws.”


David Andrews, N1ESK, TLARC Secretary


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