FS Ham Radio Equipment Consoles

George N2APB

Here's a couple of nice, inexpensive, custom-made wooden desk consoles on Craigs List now that are just perfect for putting radios into a small floor footprint ...



Two identical floor consoles, each capable of housing at least 4 boatanchor-size radios. Don’t have any radios this big?  Easy to add a second shelf in that vertical opening.  Width is 48 inches. The lower shelf slopes downward to the rear. The desk surface at the front is 12 inches wide. Each console has an aluminum angle bar at the rear for equipment grounding and an attached AC outlet strip. Professionally constructed of ¾-inch plywood. One of the photos illustrates ways in which the consoles may be “loaded”.  Would look terrific if dark-stained and an acrylic satin finish.


I was going to get these but I just couldn’t fit them into my radio room.  If you contact Dave (in Oak Ridge), tell him that I sent you.  Good guy.


73, George N2APB



PS:  Thanks to KF4DKW for the initial pointer to these.





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