Re: Welcome to new TLARC member: Eric KD8LHZ

George N2APB

Correction on the callsign of our new member: Eric KD8LHZ.  Sorry about that Eric!

73, George N2APB
TLACR Cheif Lysdexic Officer 

Here's a big TLARC welcome to our newest member: Eric KD8LHZ ... Glad to have you with us Eric!

Eric has been a ham since 2009 and is new to Tellico Village for about a year, originating from Ohio.  He's active on the 2m and 73cm repeaters with an IC-2200H and IC-880H (DSTAR).  Some of his passion and background is in tornado storm spotting (hence his email address naming) and other weather-related technologies.

For Eric's benefit, as well as a reminder to others ... Here on our TLARC web page is a long list of repeaters in the area, listing their affiliations, frequencies, offsets, and PL access tones:  <>

Hope to see Eric and many others at the TLARC meeting tomorrow (Wednesday evening at 7pm) under the Tugaloo open-sided pavilion.  This will be our first in-person meeting in more than 6 months!  We'll be out in the open air (under the pavilion) near the beach, with restroom access.  Bring your latest toys (radio stuff) and unicorn paraphernalia to talk about, pass around, trade or sell to others.  See more detail in the recent posting from Dave N1ESK.  Will be great!

73, George N2APB
TLARC Chief Observant

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