Amazon Smile program to be Discontinued


Amazon has decided to end their Smile charitable contributions program, effective 2/20/2023, so they can focus their charitable efforts on charities that they prefer. Excerpted from their email:

""We are writing to let you know that we plan to wind down AmazonSmile by February 20, 2023. We will continue to pursue and invest in other areas where we’ve seen we can make meaningful change—from building affordable housing to providing access to computer science education for students in underserved communities to using our logistics infrastructure and technology to assist broad communities impacted by natural disasters.

To help charities that have been a part of the AmazonSmile program with this transition, we will be providing them with a one-time donation equivalent to three months of what they earned in 2022 through the program, and they will also be able to accrue additional donations until the program officially closes in February. Once AmazonSmile closes, charities will still be able to seek support from Amazon customers by creating their own wish lists.""

According to George Sifnotis, WB9TFR, our 2022 Treasurer, TLARC received $15 to $20 last year from TLARC's Amazon Smile account. Thanks to all that had signed up for this Amazon account over the past several years.

Richard Meyer - W8CNY

Richard Meyer - W8CNY