California QSO Party (6 October 2018)

Juan AC6ZM


Even though the sunspots are at a minimum, let's get together to mount a serious 
effort in this year's California QSO Party (CQP). CQP is the nation's biggest state QSO party, and it's a lot of fun going after the clean sweep of all 58 counties in California. They have participation certificates and many other operating awards for this event.  Tennessee usually has decent propagation to California, and there are a truck load of active hams in W6. I and Mike (KK6OKU) are transplants from 6 land.  In addition, if we get lucky and there is an opening on 10 meters, 
there can be a bottomless pit of California stations to be worked by 
calling "CQ California" on 10 meter SSB. Our afternoon is usually the 
best time for 10 meter propagation.  Mark your calendars, and get your beams and wires pointed West on October 6. Let's 
overwhelm the California Contesters with activity from Tennessee.  The Tennessee Contest Group will surely put on an impressive assualt since this year is their 25th annivesary. Our club is young but full of ambition and mny operators. Get "Radio Active" and make an effort to get on the air from somewhere for this event.  You can find the rules for this QSO Party at

They also have a power point presentation at

Send me any of your questions.