Loudon County Marathon -- Communications Help Requested

George N2APB

(Posted on behalf of Brent Martin, TLARC Sec'y)

Member Tim Montgomery (KE4OTZ) is involved with the Loudon County Health Improvement Council. On December 1st, they are having a Marathon, 1/2 Marathon and 5 k fund  raiser. They have asked Tim if our club would be interested in helping out with the communications by having people at the rest stops, perhaps supplying SAG vehicles or other communication needs. Tim is trying to find out how many members would be willing to help out.

All the particulars including the route map are located here:   

It looks like a compact route, just in Loudon County, so perhaps much of the communication will be able to be done with a repeater and HT's. 

If you would be willing to help out, please contact Tim at "KE4OTZ (at) aol (dot) com".  


Brent Martin, Secretary