Mountain Topping this Saturday, Winter Field Day, Area Activities


This weekend…mountain topping and WFD activities..

Michael Wagner KK6OKU 
Monroe County ARES EC

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Hey folks,

Going to the mountains this Saturday to do some "mountain topping".  As usual we will meet at Hardee's in Tellico Plains, Tn.  There we will make our final decisions about where we are going and then split into groups if desired. 

We will then leave Hardee's promptly at 9:00 am for the trip up on the mountain. 

The trip up on the mountain will take about an hour. 

We will have a "S.I.D." net running on the hour, at the top of every hour to keep up with each other.  The net will be on 146.490mhz, simplex, no tone.  We will use this net in route to the mountain as well.

The weather for Saturday is forecast to be clear with plenty of sunshine.  The high temperature is forecast to be around 51 degrees, but up on the mountain you can count on it being colder.  So dress warmly.  Layers work best, and good warm shoes can make for an enjoyable experience.

Bring plenty of water and food, whatever you think you will need.  Having a little extra to eat can make a cold day more enjoyable. 

What kind of radios?  That is up to you, any mode, any band and whatever you want to do.  All we suggest is at least one operator in each group file a "Winlink" position report for their group once set up.  Then at your convenience (before you leave) request and download a "WL2K" Nearby User list which hopefully will show you the nearest 30 stations to your position.  The Nearby List then becomes a great basis for an ad hoc network.

When will we come home?  When we get done, but we usually come off the mountain before dark. 

Now this weekend is "Winter Field Day" which is being celebrated by amateurs all across the world.  Some of your activity will undoubtedly be done in conjunction with WFD.  To that end, I have asked several of our local amateur clubs to let us know what they are doing.  Below is some information they shared.  Take a moment and look over the activities:

Chattanooga Amateur Radio Club will be at the Chester Frost Park, Shelter #4 on the 2nd island; Saturday, January 28 & Sunday, January 29th rain or shine. In Chattanooga, from HWY 319, Hixson Pike at 7500 block, turn onto NORTH GOLD POINT CIRCLE; follow road to Causeway Road and turn onto causeway; proceed over the 1st island and cross the next causeway onto the 2nd island; go up hill to see the round enclosed pavilion; turn right following sign to Shelter #4 above the horse riding ring.
Talk-in support will be provided by Warren Baker, WA4BAK on the 146.790 mHz repeater.

C.A.R.C is working on new "GoBox" deployment setups to compliment their mobile operations.  A picture of the current prototype is attached below.  There effort is certainly worth noting, as they are doing what "hams" do best, scrounging and innovating.  If you are in the Chattanooga area this Saturday or Sunday, drop by and see what this group of great folks are up too.

Mcminn County Amateur Radio Club will be at the Athens Regional Park this Saturday.  They will have their mobile communications trailer there for the public to see and tour.  As usual this club informally meets for breakfast at the Hardee's on Congress Parkway in the morning and from there they go and get the trailer.  They are planning on having the trailer setup around 10:00 am, so breakfast will be earlier.  8:30 would be a good time to meet them at Hardee's, if you want to.  The club is going to operate from the parking lot of the park, and will conduct operations on Saturday only.  Sid (KM4BBV) is a good contact person for this group.  He is known to hang out on 146.490mhz, simplex, no tone as well as the M.C.A.R.C repeaters.  Below is a picture of their trailer set up at a previous field day.


KM4ACK: I would be remiss if I didn't mention Jason and his plans for Winter Field Day.  If you do not get his newsletter you should sign up for it.  Also subscribe to his YouTube Channel for some great videos on amateur radio.  Learned a lot from those videos.  He has a good video about planning for Winter Field Day:  Check it out here:

Hope you enjoyed this email.  Would love to have you join us this Saturday, but if you can't go and support some of the clubs (folks) mentioned above for Winter Field Day.

Kenny, or as my friends call me:  KiloWatt

p.s.  Don't forget "March Mountain Madness" is right around the corner.  Every Saturday, rain or shine, sleet or snow, we are going to the mountains each Saturday!  Yep....that why we call it "madness".