Sweetwater Amateur Radio Club Tailgate Hamfest

Brent Martin

Saturday, the Sweetwater Amateur Radio Club is having a tailgate ham fest. Attached is a map on how to find it. It starts at 8 am and there will be free coffee and donuts. Brent Martin, TLARC Secretary

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Sharron Fritts <ssfritts@...>

Just to clarify: The Sweetwater Hamfest is not sponsored or held by a club.  It is actually the brainchild of and run by two local Sweetwater Hams, Virgil Wyrick W4OLJ, and Norm Leggett W7IUC.  However, the Hamfest has been supported since it's first year by members of the Monroe Amateur Radio Club who have handled talk-in, parking, flyer design & production, and sign design & construction.

George N2APB

More details from Sharon ...

Just to remind all, the hamfest is on Saturday.

From exit 62, there's a big KOA sign at the turn to Murray's Chapel.   There will be  HAMFEST signs up as well.   Hope that helps folks who've never been there know where to turn.  They'll pass the KOA on the left, then the church on a little hill on the right.   The hamfest entry is on the right across from 2 large metal buildings.


If anyone is coming from Sweetwater (or from the south), Murray's Chapel Road is the 1st right past the freeway overpass (before the hotel and flea market)


Please park in the field before getting to the area at the top of the hill where sellers are set up.   Handicapped parking is at the top  just past the pavilion and in front of the little farmhouse.


Coffee and donuts are at  the pavillion.


Talk-in is 145.25 with a 100hz tone.